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Site Visit Evaluation/Assessment

How to integrate permaculture elements on your property to create a morepermaculture site plan sustainable lifestyle. The site plan at right shows what we have added to our property. Visit Site Plan for a larger version. Currently we do not offer detailed site plans as part of our services.

Our demands of running the inn limits our time for onsite visits. If we can arrange for property a property visit we can help you determine how to add permaculture elements and plantings for an edible landscape.

Permaculture Presentations

Topics can range from intro to permaculture to composting, soil building, water conservation, green cleaning, sheet mulching, forest gardening and much more.

We only provide tours of the property to registered guests staying at the inn or individuals who have contracted for our services as noted above.

Running our eco-friendly bed and breakfast inn is our main priority so it may be difficult to provide site visits due to demands of the inn during certain times of the year.