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About Us

Fred and Mary Beth Tanner have had a passion for living in a green and sustainable manner for many years. In 2003 they started an eco-friendly bed and breakfast inn in the North Georgia mountains to helpfred and mary beth permaculturists create an awareness for "living green" before the green movement began. Their lifestyle is centered on living sustainably with emphasis on energy/water conservation, green cleaning, recycling, composting, diet (food sources), health, lawn care, etc. Many guests have commented favorably on the lessons learned while staying at the bed and breakfast.

In 2009 Fred and Mary Beth read some books on permaculture by Bill Mollison and Toby Hemenway and implemented what they learned on their property. The success of the vegetable garden alone proved to them that permaculture works. In 2010 they took a permaculture design course (PDC) through April Sampson Kelly to become certified as designers and provide workshops and consultations.

Fred has a BA Degree in Biology and a MA in Health Care Administration and taught on the college level. Mary Beth has a BA in Education and taught elementary school.

We are listed in the Worldwide Permaculture Network.